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Experienced Transformational Speaker Available

About Me

My name is Lashanda Lee, and I am a transformational speaker and life coach, originally from Rochester, NY. Growing up in Rochester with seven siblings, I learned the importance of resilience and community. My journey into life coaching began in 2019 during a challenging period of my life, marked by a separation and personal hardship. To cope with my divorce, I enrolled in a class taught by a therapist, focusing on reprogramming the mind from negative to positive. This pivotal moment ignited my passion for helping others, leading to the birth of my career as a life coach.

Professional Journey

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a transformative time for me. I quit my job to pursue full-time ministry, driven by the need to support others during unprecedented times. With the growing demand for my coaching services, bolstered by my success on TikTok, where I have amassed 68,000 followers, I dedicated myself fully to this calling. My key milestone was earning my certification as a life coach and cognitive behavioral therapist, alongside becoming an ordained evangelist. Collaborating with other influencers and helping over 200 clients break free from their struggles has been immensely rewarding.

Education and Training

I hold an Associate's degree in Biblical Studies and am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Leadership. My education has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide and inspire others effectively. Additionally, my certification as a life coach and cognitive behavioral therapist has provided me with the tools to facilitate meaningful change in my clients' lives.

Achievements and Speaking Engagements

One of my greatest achievements as a transformational speaker is the profound impact I've had on individuals' lives. The testimonials from those I've helped affirm the significance of my work. I've had the honor of hosting and speaking at my own events, such as "Forgive to Forgiven," where I empower women to break free from unforgiveness and embrace their best selves. My speaking topics include forgiveness, love, overcoming inconsistency, and women empowerment.

Personal Philosophy and Motivation

What drives me as a transformational speaker is the knowledge that millions of women around the world are struggling with inconsistency and feeling stuck. The belief that I possess the knowledge to help them break free from these cycles is a powerful motivator. My philosophy centers on living in the present: "We only have today, we only have right now—so don't stress over the future, live now."

Impact and Influence

A story that encapsulates the impact of my work involves a woman who was on the brink of giving up on her life and business. Through my speech, I addressed her pain and situation directly, inspiring her to continue and thrive as a successful serial entrepreneur. Another poignant moment was speaking to a woman ready to end her life; my words gave her the strength to carry on. I measure success by the positive changes and improvements in my clients' lives, whether small or significant.

Future Goals

My ultimate goal is to reach and help as many people as possible, particularly women dealing with inconsistency, enabling them to achieve goals they never thought possible. I am committed to expanding my reach and continuing to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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